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How To Advertise For Your Website On Facebook

By Maria Wixman

The emergence of social media is providing everyone with new options of reaching potential clients, fans and traffic for a website. One of the top areas for advertising for websites is Facebook. This platform is designed to connect individuals and to provide social interactions that enhance the exchange of ideas. A benefit of Facebook is the ability to use it as a tool when you create your own website, specifically for advertising and reaching interested Internet browsers. However, you will want to know how to use this platform to get in touch with others.

1. The Fan page

The most widely used option for showing your website is to create a fan page on Facebook. After you create free website online, you can build a page on Facebook under the ads and pages application. You have the ability to let everyone know what your website is about, what is included in it and how it can be used. The capability with this tool is to create your own website then link it to the fan page as your main tool.

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If you decide to use the fan page as a part of your applications, then you will want to connect with others and advertise. You can create a buzz by asking your friends to join your fan page or website. You can also connect by placing updates on your wall, adding in extra applications and starting discussions. If you have a high amount of activity on your fan page, you will get better results and can build the presence you desire after you create your own website.

2.Facebook Ads

A second option you can look into after you create your own website is to get Facebook ads. This works best if you are a business or want to advertise a specific service, product or concept. For instance, if you build a web page that is used to sell products or services, then you can show this with a Facebook ad. You will have to pay for the amount of rotations you want per day so users see the ad. You will also have to specify the number of clicks you want going to your website. Every time someone sees the ad, they will click and go to your website for more information. In return, you will have a pay per click advertisement to reach to potential customers.

3.Connecting with Others

Facebook should not only be used when you are adding in the basic tools after you create your own website. You will also want to consider unique ways of connecting with others. The easiest way to do this is by using the Facebook tools to invite others to visit your site. Sending emails, using the fan page and creating activity on Facebook can all work with to get in touch with those using the application.

You can also work on connecting with others after you create your own website by linking your website to Facebook. There is website software that has been built specifically to get followers and fans on Facebook. Those who see your website first or your Facebook first can link both together to establish an understanding of your website and to follow you. By using this tool, you will be able to connect with others, keep track of those interested in your web page and have the capability of keeping in touch with those interested in your website.

After you create your own website, you can use your own tools to establish a stronger presence online. Whether you are focused on business or a free pictures website, you have the ability to connect with others who have the same interests you do. Facebook is one of the powerful online tools that you can use to promote your site and to begin getting noticed in the online community.

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Team Collaboration Challenges And How To Overcome Them

By Grace Kang

Are these problems standing in the way of your company’s team collaboration?

Remote Workforce-

Each year, a growing number of workers telecommute from home. The majority is comprised of outsourced employees or outside consultants, while the rest are telecommuters. Studies show that telecommuting is gaining widespread acceptance as more and more companies strive to reduce long commutes, simplify work schedules and downsize office overhead costs. While this endeavor is both eco friendly and cost friendly, it can hinder team collaboration simply because workers aren’t sitting in side to side cubicles and therefore have less inclination to communicate.

The solution:

Compensate for the physical separation between members with tools that will keep your employees talking, collaborating and consulting with one another as often as possible. Online web meeting solutions, online file sharing tools, shared online calendars and office intranets are only a few online solutions for remote workers to stay on the same page.

Lack of Communication In the Office –

Lack of communication between departments, even those sitting right next to each other, is one of the biggest problems in the workplace. Sales, marketing, engineering, support and executive teams aren’t always collaborating the way they should be. Each department is closely interrelated, can share valuable company intelligence and insight – but not if they’re not communicating.

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The solution:

Set up a company Intranet. Intranets are a growing staple of the corporate environment, because companies are realizing that realistically, department members do not walk over to other departments regularly and start sharing information. Intranets are like a private company Internet, where team members can contribute ideas, store company policies and contact info. It keeps all the company members united, informed and on the same page.

Overhead costs of meeting in person –

To hold in person meetings, workers need to spend time and money travelling. In meetings, there are also handouts and agendas distributed, which make up a large chunk of the thousands of dollars companies spend each year on paper costs. Studies show that almost 50% of all the paper printed in the office is thrown out on the very same day it was printed. Those are your dollars going straight into the trash.

The Solution:

Get an online content management system that allows your team members to store their files online. These notes and documents can be pulled up at anytime, before, after and during the meeting, without wasting paper and money. By having your meeting, and meeting files, online, remote teams can participate in meetings without having to drive or fly anywhere.

Email Overload –

Too many offices are still stuck relying on email as their primary mode of communication. Working via Email on important projects results in lost memos, miscommunication and misunderstanding. Important ideas that could be making you money are instead getting lost in your inbox.

The Solution:

Get an online collaboration platform that centralizes all of your communication and documents in one place so that you can create a logical, organized system of information. Store your project files by department, or by project, and create a space designated specifically for a single purpose. Rather than thinking in long email threads, collaboration platforms allow a multi dimensional system of management.

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How To Block And Unblock Email Address In Yahoo Mail}

Submitted by: Kathleendavid David

Are you receiving a constant email from someone you don’t wish? If your answer is yes, then you can block any email address from the settings in Yahoo Mail. In case you are unable to block the particular email address or wish to unblock the mistakenly block email address, you need to just get connected to a certified Yahoo technician. With its aid, you will get the helpful guidance on the blocking and unblocking email address in Yahoo Mail.

Follow the simple steps for blocking an email address:

Block an email address

First, you need to mouse over the Settings menu icon small gear icon

Choose Settings.

Hit Banned Addresses option.

You need to enter an email address in the field Add an address.

Finally, click Ban.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily put control on the offensive messages which is continued to arrive from the person. Apart from this, all the incoming messages from blocked addresses will be automatically deleted before seeing them on the computer system screen.

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Implement the below-mentioned steps for unblocking an email address:

Unblock an email address

At the initial stage, you need to mouse over the Settings menu icon Small gear icon.

Choose on Settings.

Hit Banned Addresses.

You need to click an email address.

At last, click remove.

Furthermore, in case you wish to unblock a blocked e-mail, you need to follow the other technical method for the same concern:

Blocking someone e-mail address restricts the user from seeing various e-mails sent by the person linked with that particular address. On the other hand, unblocking that address just reverses the process.

Accessing the Settings menu:

The Mail Settings or Settings or location differs depending on an e-mail client. You will see the blocked e-mail addresses are indexed under the Spam Filter settings.

Eliminate the block:

You need to remove the e-mail address from the blocked list by eliminating it or by un-selecting the checkbox.

After that, e-mails sent from that address will come into view in the user’s Yahoo inbox.

Verify every mail folders:

In case users have received mail from the unblocked address, they can easily set it in the spam folder, deleted mail folder or inbox.

Moreover in few cases, blocked e-mails are enduringly deleted and cannot be recovered.

Things to keep in mind:

You need to enter a right email address for which you wish to block an email account.

During unblocking a block email address in case you still face difficulty, you need to get linked with experienced tech experts.

Yahoo Mail helps you in sending and receiving an email from any computer system. The account consists of a notepad, calendar, and address book, and much more. But still, many users confront different issues in using it. To resolve the issues related to Yahoo mail, a third party tech support providing company is available 24/7.

The companys experts are known for offering the rapid technical support in the shortest probable time. Being experienced and qualified, the technicians are quite knowledgeable with all the tech aspects of Yahoo. The best thing is that they keep all the technical quick fixes at their fingertips. And they have the ability to provide an instant Yahoo technical support. You can dial the Yahoo helpline phone number for getting any kind of technical support instantly.

Users can contact Yahoo customer support number to get the most apt and feasible solution for a diverse range of issues linked to Yahoo Mail. Moreover, the Yahoo customer support executives believe in providing an impeccable tech support solutions. In addition, they make their best possible efforts in offering the timely solution and comfy to the Yahoo users. This company knows very well how to offer the comprehensive and satisfactory technical support conveniently.

The companys tech experts are known for their outstanding customer satisfaction track record. The tech experts of a company make sure that the customer receives the right technical service in a right manner. You can contact them anytime for getting the right solution related to your Yahoo email.

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5 Ways To Create Successful Employee Incentive Programs

By Mario R. Churchill

One good reason why employee incentives sometimes prove to be ineffective for companies is because of the mistaken belief of employers that everything begins and ends with the employees. In truth, employee incentive programs can only be successful if you incorporate, integrate, and relate it with everything that makes up your company.

Make Your Company Goals and Mission-Vision Employee Centric

Remember that employee incentive programs are made up of two sections: financial and non-financial incentives. To achieve and provide the latter, start by reviewing your company’s goals and mission-vision statement. Are all of them all about you earning profit and nothing else? Is there any mention made about how employees benefit if and when your company does well? Is there any mention made about how much a company relies on its workforce?

Once you’ve made the necessary corrections, take the time to explain the changes you’ve made to your employees. Make sure that they understand the need for cooperation and harmony. Lastly, emphasize the give and take relationship between the company and the employees.

Make the Financial Incentives Sound as Exciting as Possible

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When introducing an employee incentive program to your workforce, do it the way you would advertise a new product to your market. Make everything sound as exciting and as attractive as possible. Don’t rely on mere figures to convince your employees to follow your directives. Yes, they’re powerful, but why leave it at that when you can make them sound even more tantalizing?

Be Fair and Realistic with What You Want to Get

Employee incentive programs that offer multimillion dollars’ worth of commission won’t work if you’re asking your employees to give you the stars and the moon.

When deciding on the goals for your employee incentive programs, make sure that they adhere to two important conditions. Firstly, they must fair to your employees. Don’t ask them to do something that – although achievable – might compromise their values and principles. Don’t take advantage of your employees if you become aware that they’re at desperate straits and liable to do anything for the incentive you’re offering.

Secondly, they must be realistic. Don’t give out rewards that are obviously unattainable because you’ve attached impossible goals to them. Don’t dangle incentives in your employees’ noses if you don’t mean to give them out in the first place. Consider time constraints as well. Are you giving them enough time to complete the task at hand? What about the required resources? Do all your employees have equal access to the necessary resources?

Options, Options, Options

The most effective employee incentive programs are those that provide employees with numerous options to choose from. You must always be flexible when creating and modifying your employee incentive program. Don’t expect all your employees to fall in love with your first choice. People tend to have different priorities and perspectives, and to ensure that your employee incentive program will work, give your employees the freedom to choose the reward they wish – but only within reason and within your power, of course.

Use Winning Employees as Models

When an employee is rewarded by your employee incentive program, take lots of photos of how happy he or she is with the rewards provided and use this as an example to motivate other employees to work harder in the future. A picture speaks a thousand words, after all, so seeing the actual effects of the employee incentive program will cause your employees to respond more favorably than having you expound on and on about its benefits.

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