How To Advertise For Your Website On Facebook

By Maria Wixman

The emergence of social media is providing everyone with new options of reaching potential clients, fans and traffic for a website. One of the top areas for advertising for websites is Facebook. This platform is designed to connect individuals and to provide social interactions that enhance the exchange of ideas. A benefit of Facebook is the ability to use it as a tool when you create your own website, specifically for advertising and reaching interested Internet browsers. However, you will want to know how to use this platform to get in touch with others.

1. The Fan page

The most widely used option for showing your website is to create a fan page on Facebook. After you create free website online, you can build a page on Facebook under the ads and pages application. You have the ability to let everyone know what your website is about, what is included in it and how it can be used. The capability with this tool is to create your own website then link it to the fan page as your main tool.

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If you decide to use the fan page as a part of your applications, then you will want to connect with others and advertise. You can create a buzz by asking your friends to join your fan page or website. You can also connect by placing updates on your wall, adding in extra applications and starting discussions. If you have a high amount of activity on your fan page, you will get better results and can build the presence you desire after you create your own website.

2.Facebook Ads

A second option you can look into after you create your own website is to get Facebook ads. This works best if you are a business or want to advertise a specific service, product or concept. For instance, if you build a web page that is used to sell products or services, then you can show this with a Facebook ad. You will have to pay for the amount of rotations you want per day so users see the ad. You will also have to specify the number of clicks you want going to your website. Every time someone sees the ad, they will click and go to your website for more information. In return, you will have a pay per click advertisement to reach to potential customers.

3.Connecting with Others

Facebook should not only be used when you are adding in the basic tools after you create your own website. You will also want to consider unique ways of connecting with others. The easiest way to do this is by using the Facebook tools to invite others to visit your site. Sending emails, using the fan page and creating activity on Facebook can all work with to get in touch with those using the application.

You can also work on connecting with others after you create your own website by linking your website to Facebook. There is website software that has been built specifically to get followers and fans on Facebook. Those who see your website first or your Facebook first can link both together to establish an understanding of your website and to follow you. By using this tool, you will be able to connect with others, keep track of those interested in your web page and have the capability of keeping in touch with those interested in your website.

After you create your own website, you can use your own tools to establish a stronger presence online. Whether you are focused on business or a free pictures website, you have the ability to connect with others who have the same interests you do. Facebook is one of the powerful online tools that you can use to promote your site and to begin getting noticed in the online community.

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