How To Block And Unblock Email Address In Yahoo Mail}

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Are you receiving a constant email from someone you don’t wish? If your answer is yes, then you can block any email address from the settings in Yahoo Mail. In case you are unable to block the particular email address or wish to unblock the mistakenly block email address, you need to just get connected to a certified Yahoo technician. With its aid, you will get the helpful guidance on the blocking and unblocking email address in Yahoo Mail.

Follow the simple steps for blocking an email address:

Block an email address

First, you need to mouse over the Settings menu icon small gear icon

Choose Settings.

Hit Banned Addresses option.

You need to enter an email address in the field Add an address.

Finally, click Ban.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily put control on the offensive messages which is continued to arrive from the person. Apart from this, all the incoming messages from blocked addresses will be automatically deleted before seeing them on the computer system screen.

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Implement the below-mentioned steps for unblocking an email address:

Unblock an email address

At the initial stage, you need to mouse over the Settings menu icon Small gear icon.

Choose on Settings.

Hit Banned Addresses.

You need to click an email address.

At last, click remove.

Furthermore, in case you wish to unblock a blocked e-mail, you need to follow the other technical method for the same concern:

Blocking someone e-mail address restricts the user from seeing various e-mails sent by the person linked with that particular address. On the other hand, unblocking that address just reverses the process.

Accessing the Settings menu:

The Mail Settings or Settings or location differs depending on an e-mail client. You will see the blocked e-mail addresses are indexed under the Spam Filter settings.

Eliminate the block:

You need to remove the e-mail address from the blocked list by eliminating it or by un-selecting the checkbox.

After that, e-mails sent from that address will come into view in the user’s Yahoo inbox.

Verify every mail folders:

In case users have received mail from the unblocked address, they can easily set it in the spam folder, deleted mail folder or inbox.

Moreover in few cases, blocked e-mails are enduringly deleted and cannot be recovered.

Things to keep in mind:

You need to enter a right email address for which you wish to block an email account.

During unblocking a block email address in case you still face difficulty, you need to get linked with experienced tech experts.

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