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Understanding The World Of Plumbers Common Plumbing Tasks

By Cris Walker

Plumbers are responsible for the repair, installation, and maintenance of various pipes used to carry water, gas, and sewage to and from the house and other locations. By taking some time to read the article that follows, be informed of the specific tasks that can be handled by your nearby plumber.

Understanding the World of Plumbers – Common Plumbing Tasks

When plumbers are spoken of, we usually think of the dirty and messy tasks they perform. More than this knowledge, we are often left clueless of a wide variety of things they can perform to maintain the functions that are being served by the plumbing systems installed in our homes. Included in the next paragraphs are the various tasks of which the plumbers in your area can perform for you.

1. Assembles pipe sections, fittings, and tubings.

2. Detects and locates leaks by filling pipes and plumbing fixtures with water or air.

3. Analyses blue prints of the house to determine exact locations of parts of plumbing systems that may be concealed in walls floors, and other structures.

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4. Studies the building codes in effect over a certain area to determine the appropriate actions that must be done to implement plumbing solutions.

5. Maintains records of plumbing works done in a specific residence or building for future references.

6. Uses various kinds of machines to cut, bend, and thread pipes of various sizes.

7. Installs different kinds of plumbing fixtures and appliances such as heaters, shower heads, faucets, and toilets.

8. Removes clogs made of debris like dirt, grime, food particles, fallen hair, and other solidified particles in drains and sinks.

9. Repairs broken and burst pipes.

10. Commands other workers who are participating in big plumbing projects such as the installation of underground sanitary and water systems.

11.Plans installations of plumbing systems in locations where there are hindrances like electrical wirings.

12.Imposes plumbing supports to hold pipes in their respective places.

13.Carries out extensions of pipes, sewages, and other systems where water, gas, or septic waste runs.

These are just some of the tasks that are commonly performed by plumbers. These tasks are all geared towards the proper functioning of plumbing systems and accessories that must be installed or are already installed in your house or property.

As to the selection of the right plumbing services, it is always important to obtain recommendations from friends and other people close to you who already hired plumbers for the accomplishment of a plumbing task or two.

After obtaining recommendations, you must then exhaust effort on your side to determine if the task you are about to delegate to the plumbing services is within their capabilities. There are numerous plumbers that offer their services in a specific area.

In Brisbane, a handful of plumbers and builders like QHI offer services associated with plumbing installations and solutions. Their expertise in the field will make sure that the plumbing system in your house will perform as efficiently as it should be. They can also install and fix plumbing systems to make sure they are not affected by water that runs from the gutters down to your drainage.

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staining of concrete surfaces, and painting of house structures.


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New Poetry Movement

New Poetry Movement


Jerry Payne

Not, perhaps, since the early days of the so-called New York School of poetry have we seen a movement such as what is now coming out of the lower streets of Boston. “The Boston Poetical Movement” is what future literature historians might well refer to it as. I humbly offer the name here in the hopes the trend might get its deserved acclaim. Just as we had Ashbery, O’Hara, Koch, Schuyler, and Guest as the collective face of the New York School, we are now witnessing poetry history-in-the-making with names like Haasch, Matusek, Shear, and Meissner. Mark the names well. Genius is rare in our times.

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The roots go back at least seven years, with influences converging from the now-famous “Summer of Verse” in Cambridge, where a young Vito Heppner first uttered his “Doves are Falling Towards the Ceiling,” a double-quatrained villanelle in triple-syllabic hexameter with line breaks randomly chosen based on the rolling of three dice. It was a stroke of brilliance not easily outdone. Except that it was. Nobody need be reminded of Harlin Haasch’s triple-quatrained number which followed, and which had the crowd on its feet before the first quatrain was even done echoing off the venerable walls of Pappy’s Seafood Hut, where most of the action took place on those hot August nights. From there the movement snowballed. Haasch self-published his early Boston Poetical poems, invigorating a sleeping, and mostly drunken, Arlo Meissner, whose career had gone almost completely under with the mistaken publication of his Words from My Mother’s Goldfish (Tillbury House, 1994), a manuscript his dim-witted half-brother had written for school, and which had gotten sent to the publishers by mistake in a tragic envelope mix-up. Meissner was still trying to live down the infamous collection, including such ditties as “My Dog has Four Paws,” a three-hundred line poem written in alternating red and blue crayon. When Meissner read Haasch’s poems, something stirred inside, and he once again put pen to paper. What followed were a symphony of poems, all in the new Boston Poetical style, and not just from Meissner. Others jumped in from around the area. At coffee shops and taverns from Quincy to Woburn, the members of the new movement were inspiring and motivating each other. Late nights and into the early mornings, at Rudolpho Matusek’s brownstone, could be heard the strong, oft-inebriated voices of the founders of this new poetry form (much to the dismay on Mrs. Matusek who would cite those late nights in the divorce proceedings one year later). And when certain poems eventually found their way into mainstream literary magazines such as Poetry (Alabaster Shear’s “Heaven in the Toilet”), The Atlantic Monthly (Meissner’s own “Rolaids, Rolaids, Rolaids”), and even The New Yorker (Haasch’s first and fourth versions of “Animal in the Hot Tub”), the movement had finally found some legs. For those unacquainted with the form, perhaps a short primer is in order. Essentially a poem in the Boston Poetical form is two parts Ginsburg and seven parts Plath. Add in conjoining sprigs of Lowell and Bishop, and a dash of Galway Kinnell and you’re halfway there. Poems are typically seven to seventy-seven lines long, with each poem’s length in lines evenly divisible by seven. Each line must be a minimum of five, but no more than twelve metric feet (or thirteen diphthongs), with iambic patterns the preferred style, although enjambments and end-stops (heartily encouraged) often makes this preference moot. Rhyme is considered gauche, unless one rhymes a dactyl (or double-dactyl) with an anapest, in which case it’s applauded, so long as the rhyme takes place between the sixth and eighth lines, or, failing that, is simply placed in the poem’s title. In performing the poems publically, it’s considered proper to remain completely silent and motionless for three to four minutes before beginning the poem, all the while keeping one’s eyes fixed on the emergency door at the rear of the venue (if there is one). Subject matter is strictly oblique post post-modern. It’s the taking of existential, alto-nihilism and turning it on its head, then putting it back again, but on its side, instead of in standard vertical form. Consequently the focus of the poems is always coming at you from the inside out, resting, first, above the commonplace, and then darting back again before your eyes like a drunken, frenzied mosquito defying the risk of the metaphorical fly swatter of linguistic expression, and with a dash of p’trole lampant for good measure. If one, in other words, can imagine Satre (perhaps more precisely Kierkegaard) being read aloud by Eliot (Pound) with one hand covering his mouth and the other waving (waving) contemptuously, as one dismissing the radicalism of those qui n’ont pas d’id’es, as the French are fond of saying, then I think one can get a true sense of what’s being revealed here. I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more from these “wizards of words” (The New Yorker’s apt description) in the months and years to come. Form can be fickle. It’s hard now to even remember the so-called “Phlegm-ism” movement from Cleveland in the early eighties, a movement that was supposed to change the face (and hands) of poetry but, instead, found itself rotting in a vacant heap by the river, ultimately to be carried away by the city’s sanitation department. But something tells me this is different. Boston Poetics just might be here to stay. Copyright 2009, Jerry Payne

Jerry Payne is a professional copywriter and a life-long poetry aficionado. He can be found at

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New Poetry Movement


Considering Bathroom Paints

By Heather Mitchell

Problems with peeling paints, mildew or mold may make people consider a new look for their bathroom. People may also think of doing a complete bathroom makeover when they are tired of seeing the same old design or pattern in their bathroom. Choosing the right bathroom paint can help you to create a nice and impressive bathroom.

If you are thinking of a fresh coat of bathroom paint because of problems such as mildew, mold or peeling paint, then you must first and foremost remove the peeling paint using sandpaper. You can kill the mildew or mold with a mixture of water and bleach. You must wash the entire bathroom with mild soap before starting on a painting job. Care should be taken to ensure that the bathroom surfaces are totally free of moisture before applying the paint.

As far as the type of bathroom paint is concerned, you can go in for high gloss or semi gloss paint. Today, you can also find special or exclusive bathroom paints that are mold resistant. Some brands of bathroom paints offer an array of color choices as well as guarantees against molding, mildew and peeling.

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The size of the bathroom and the main users of the bathroom are the other important considerations on which you can base the decision of appropriate bathroom paint color or design. In smaller bathrooms, you can use bathroom paints in lighter shades such as white since it will help make the room appear bigger. For bigger bathrooms such as the master bathroom, you can use flattering shades.

If you are planning to paint your children’s bathroom, then you can choose vivid colors or designs. Kids learn new things even in the bathroom; by including imaginative designs such as a creature motif or mural, you can make the space look more inviting for kids. You can also include stencil designs along the edges or borders to enhance the look of your kid’s bathroom. While painting guest bathrooms, you can choose a shade that is similar or lighter than what is used in the guest bedroom.

You can choose to paint prints, solid colors or a mix of the two for a bathroom makeover. You can also choose bathroom paints based on the decorative items and bathroom fixtures such as light covers, towel racks, floor mats and shower curtain that you have already selected. If you wish to impart a soothing atmosphere, you can select bathroom paints in pastel colors. On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy your bath in an energetic or upbeat atmosphere, bright colors such as Red, Yellow or Black can create the ideal effect. Generally, paper prints such as circles, rectangular shapes, angels, butterflies and jungle creatures are considered to be suitable designs for a bathroom space.

To conclude, the bathroom paint you choose and the design you go with have to be done with care since all other items such as curtains, rugs, shelves and shower curtains will be added based on this choice.

About the Author: Heather Mitchell is a featured author for the group of sites including

, where you can find

great discount bath vanities



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Our Recommendation For Remodeling Ventures

Our Recommendation For Remodeling Ventures


Gary Pace

Start preparing for your planned remodeling project, even if it\’s still a ways in the future, by collecting ideas as you come across them. It is important to start brainstorming early, that way you have more ideas ready when it\’s time to begin working. When you remove the rush to make decisions in the midst of a project, you\’ll feel more relaxed during the process.

A new mailbox can help add instant curb appeal to your home. A new mailbox also increases your home\’s curb appeal. Just be sure when you\’re doing the installation that it conforms to all city codes. This job is can be completed within a couple hours.

Your backyard is an important resource. You can use an area of your backyard as an extension of your living space. It is the perfect area for barbecuing or simply relaxing after a long day at work.

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Is there an old dresser or bedside table in the bedroom that you are sick of looking at? Why not bring your old furniture back to life by sanding them down and refinishing them. Not only will it instantly bring an old item back to life, you will have saved all the money you would spend purchasing a replacement. There are a variety of staining options available for any type of furniture.

Heated floors are an accessible luxury. If you are considering replacing existing floors with tile anyway, ask about putting in radiant heat. Radiant heat like this is very efficient and cost effective. It will keep your toes warm in the winter and it will feel great! This will surely impress potential future customers.

Take inventory of your water usage before deciding on your home improvement project. Low-flow shower heads, water-saving toilets and tank-less water heaters can be easily purchased and installed. You will not only add value to your home but you will be environmentally conscience.

Sort your tools by purpose or project, not by type. For example, a plumbing toolbox could contain pipe fittings, wrenches and PVC glue. Another box could hold electrical supplies such as fuses, switches and zip ties. By doing this, your tools will be much easier for you to find.

It is important that you have a contractor that is willing to listen to what you have to say. Integrity is important in a contractor, but it is equally important that they listen to your specifications and concerns about any job they do. If there aren\’t clear lines of communication between you and your contractor, it\’s likely that there will be issues with the project. Make sure that they pay very close attention to what you tell them.

If you have a lot of attic space, invest in a dormer window to make it usable. Dormers are able to provide enhanced character to the house as well as a significant amount of additional interior space. Making your attic useable will increase the value of your home and offer you more living space, all for a small cost.

As you have now learned from this article, home improvement projects do not always have to involve stress and anxiety. It is important to have an open mind when making any repairs. The aforementioned tips can give you some home improvement ideas. By using these tips, you can update your home quickly!

We\’ve defined our focus and expertise in residential real estate, in addition to vacant land and brand new homes. Our agency sticks to a remarkable standard of customer service, putting consumer relationships over the rest of our concerns.

Ideas On How You Can Transform Your House Without Using A Ton Of Money


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Taking Care Of Your Rv

Taking Care of your RV



With rising costs of airfares and hotels, many nature lovers are resorting to vacationing and camping with the use of a RV. You may own one or rent out a motor home for your holiday trip. All the same it needs the same care and service that you give to your motor vehicle. Some simple tips would do well to last your holiday home vehicle for a long time to come.

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— Adverse weather conditions and the sun can cause damage to your RV and its interiors. Make sure that it stays in shelter most of the time. — A simple thing like keeping your RV’s windows securely closed will keep its interiors away from fading and also free from dust and pollution. — Keep your RV serviced at regular intervals. This allows it to stay roadworthy at all times. And a regular check up of the gas, water, electrical and heating system of the caravan will keep you in comfort during your travel. Service should also cover the upkeep of its lights, brakes and gears. — After your vacation trip, a thorough cleaning and caring of your RV will prevent moisture, malodor and insects from inhibiting its interiors. So it’s best to get rid of the spills and leftovers of water, food and other wastes. Keep it spic and span until your next trip in it. Sterilizing the water pipes, cleaning the waste pipes will ensure you a clean interior in your motor home during your next trip. — Checking and servicing the RV’s handbrakes, tire pressures, torque on the wheel nuts will keep it in tip top condition. The RV’s battery also needs some caring and left fully charged. The fridge, cooker and heater should be in condition to run on both electricity and gas at any given moment. — When your RV is not in use remember to turn off the gas supply, water supply. The plugholes and shower heads should be clean and clear without any obstructions. The toilet cistern should be drained off from water accumulation. A compressed air treatment will ensure that the pipe system of the RV is thoroughly free from water content. Even the water heaters should be drained and kept free from water. — Your RV needs different caring in different seasons. In winter when it is not in use, give it a thorough cleaning and polishing in its insides. Keep the fridge door open and ensure that no water is allowed to stay and freeze in the water tanks. Good cleaning materials will help to clean the toilet cassettes and leave it dry. — The outside of your RV is also important and needs some attention. A good wash and polish will ensure proper maintenance of it. — If you wish, you may stand your RV on axle stands and remove its battery and store it in a warm and dry place until your next camping trip. — For security purposes, you may chain your RV around its chassis and fix it to a concrete anchor point. With such care and attention from you, your RV will be safe, sound and clean, waiting to carry you and your loved ones on your next luxury holiday camping. RV Cover

Warehouse is your best source and largest one stop shop for any type of quality RV Cover.

Protect your investment with the best RV covers and Travel Trailer Covers

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Taking Care of your RV


Wetrooms: The Facts

By Sophie Palmer

What is a wetroom? – A wetroom is a bathroom that has a walk in shower, so the room will need to be completely waterproofed (tanked). There will be a gentle slope towards the drain instead of a traditional shower tray in a separate enclosed unit. Wetrooms were only present in luxurious spa centres and 5 star hotels a few years ago, now there are realistic and affordable solutions to having a wetroom in your own home.

The room has to be completely tanked to protect your building from the wetness and moisture from your shower. There are two types of shower trays available for wetrooms: Pre-formed Showerlay (which creates an effective water slope to the drain) and also a Pre-formed Showerstone (which is laid directly onto floor joists and is made from a polymer modified concrete). To tank (waterproof) the room, tile backer board will be attached to the walls and around the formed shower tray on the floor – reputable products include Marmox boards and Schluter Systems Kerdi boards and Ditra matting.

If your wetroom is going to be a DIY project – make sure that you research these products and speak with experienced sales staff for advice.

Wetrooms are a growing trend and are a key contemporary feature when selling a house. Wetrooms open up the room, thus creating more space. If combined with underfloor heating, the tanking system (required for waterproofing the wetroom) will reflect heat and maximise the efficiency of heating, therefore reducing heating costs.

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Benefits of having a wetroom in your own home include their contemporary style, increasing the value of your home, a practical use of open space and creating more space in the room. By removing traditional baths and shower enclosures, barriers and boundaries are taken out to give much more floor space and open plan living. This will also make the wetroom easier to clean than a traditional bathroom, as there is no shower screen and less surfaces for example. Ease of access is a major benefit, not just for the elderly – you do not have to climb in or out of a bath with a wetroom, which is great for families, good for aching joints and you can stretch out feeling more free. Due to the tanking system in your wetroom, your floors and walls may well be more protected compared to a traditional bathroom set up. Many tile stores will have a practical demonstration of a wetroom to help explain how they work and how they are a possible option for most people.

On the flip side of the coin, wetrooms can have their disadvantages too. In small bathrooms, even though more space is created through installing a wetroom, the open plan element of the shower may cause splashes and spray water on your towels and toilet paper. Here you have to look at the design and practical functionality of the space. Form must always follow function, meaning that your wetroom will be useless if you cannot use it even though it looks amazing. It is possible to research and fit your own wetroom, but it is vitally important that you are confident that the room has been tanked properly, which is where a professional should be brought in for peace of mind that leaking water will not cause damage to your house. You will need to tile your entire wetroom, from floor to ceiling.

If a porous tile is used you will have to seal the tiles every couple of months to maintain and protect them correctly. Ceramic and porcelain tiles reduce this work, but should still be considered. It is always best to protect the grout as well to increase the aesthetic and functional qualities of the grouting.

Now the fun part – choosing your tiles! Due to the sloped floor for the shower drainage, you will need either small or mosaic tiles. It is possible to tile the whole of your bathroom with mosaic tiles but this may blow your budget out of the window if you have a large bathroom! It is possible to use mosaic tiles on the floor even if made of glass – the high number of grouted joints help to make a non-slip surface.

Here are some ideas to get you started: Mosaic tiles. There are so many varieties of mosaic tiles it is impossible to mention them all! An impressive series of mosaic tiles is Classy Glass. See pictures of our blue Fiji range, for a combination of pearlescent and complimentary blues to create a calming and relaxing feel to the wetroom with an element of fun. Or you could opt for the rich and sensual Zanzibar for a contemporary and inspirational feel, as pictured also.

Incorporate mosaic tiles into the tile design both on the wall and floor, these features really add character and personality to your wetroom. Wetrooms can be neutral colours, natural stone effect, a dramatic metallic feel, contemporary in style and strong in subtlety. It is of course a personal preference as to what wetroom you choose, let your imagination run wild!

About the Author: Sophie Palmer is the Marketing Executive at


a company that both live and love tiles and don’t want to just ‘sell’ you tiles;


want to work with you to use tiles to create something beautiful and help you design your dream. We’ll not rest until we have enabled you to turn your ideas into reality.


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Shower Enclosures With Heavy Glass Shower Doors Are Best For Bath Remodel

Shower Enclosures with Heavy Glass Shower Doors are Best for Bath Remodel


Christy Martin

When it comes time to renovate your bathroom look into getting rid of your old bathtub in favor of new shower enclosures with heavy glass shower doors. Most people never really needed their old bathtubs as for the most part they take showers every morning and never really use the bathtub. A shower enclosure with a heavy glass shower door is a great option for your bathroom remodel.

You might have seen really nice shower enclosures with heavy glass shower doors and multiple shower heads on television and wanted something like that for your bathroom. There are a number of shower enclosures that are very nice. Different types of glass and stone works make them elegant and very easy to clean. Some even come with a coating preventing soap scum and calcium deposits from building up along the shower walls and door.

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Shower enclosures are good because they seals in the heat and steam making it kind of like a sauna as you shower. A shower curtain also needs replacing fairly often with the amount of grime that can build up on it after a long period of use. Shower enclosures with heavy glass shower doors have a much longer lifespan.

When you price out some moderate stone work and a new shower enclosure and heavy glass shower doors look into setting up a dual shower head system to massage and clean in tandem. Your shower should be a very relaxing place for you to enjoy.

You can not have a dual shower head in your old tub with a shower curtain as too much water would probably escape and the plumbing would be a nightmare to leave the bathtub still in use. With heavy glass shower doors to keep the water in and the waterproofing done on the shower enclosures you could have just about as many shower heads as you want.

Make sure you hire a reputable qualified contractor to install your shower enclosures with a heavy glass doors. It will take some time, but in the long run will save you a lot of money and hassles. Afterward you will be able to have a hot massaging shower, with multiple shower heads and keep all the steam and water inside the shower enclosures. You won’t feel like you’re getting attacked by a shower curtain and cleanup is much easier.

Many people are getting a special coating on the heavy glass doors and shower enclosures so any buildup wipes off much easier than ever before. Your bathroom will look so much more elegant and makes you excited to jump in the shower every day. You’ll also find with the shower enclosures there is much less slipping with a flat bottom floor. Even if things do get slippery there are 3 hard walls and heavy glass shower doors with handles to help keep you from slipping and falling down in the shower.

Whether you are looking to update the tired old look of your bathroom, or you need more security in preventing falls or flooding, shower enclosures with a heavy glass shower doors are always an advantage over an old bathtub with a shower curtain. It increases the value of your home, it’s easier to clean and just a luxurious addition to your bathroom.

Christy Martin is the owner of RB Glass & Mirror, Inc. located at San Diego. Expert installers of

shower enclosures


heavy glass shower doors

RB Glass carries several makes of heavy glass shower doors and shower enclosures. See examples at

or to visit their showroom call RB Glass in San Diego at 858-485-9310.

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Shower Enclosures with Heavy Glass Shower Doors are Best for Bath Remodel