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Finishing techniques for your custom vinyl banner from a banner maker in Charleston, SC

Congratulations! You have created a custom vinyl banner. You have worked with the graphic designer and found the perfect design. You have color, you have interest, you even have a new logo to help brand your company. But now you are asked how you want the banner to be finished. Umm, what exactly does that mean? You are not a banner maker, so you have no idea what finishing techniques are available.

What should I consider when deciding on a finishing technique for a custom vinyl banner?

All custom vinyl banners can be used indoors or out. How the banners will be used, (displayed), normally prescribes how the banner is finished. When displaying banners outside always think safety first. Be sure the supporting structure is sound. Vinyl banners hung out in the open can be subject to significant wind loads. This can be a real problem in downtown Charleston when the wind is coming in off the water. Be sure you secure your vinyl banner well using the instructions included with your order.

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Safety is still a top priority when hanging your vinyl banner indoors. Be aware of where emergency exits are and make sure that you do not block them from view with the banner. If you are hanging the banner from above, make sure that it is secure, so that you don’t risk having it fall on someone. Knowing how and where your custom banner will be used will make the decision of which technique to choose much easier.

What are the most common finishing techniques for my custom vinyl banner?

There are a number of common ways to finish that we use quite often at Charleston, SC 29418. There are the techniques we see requested more frequently than others. We will list them below starting with the most common.

* Hemmed edges with grommets top and bottom as needed, (number of grommets depends on banner size). Best for mounting against a wall or fence.

* Hemmed edges with grommets top and bottom as needed, with rope sewn into the top and bottom hems, rope ends extend out from the banner edge making ties, length can be specified. This adds versatility and strength to the basic grommet style, allowing the banner to be tied between poles or other secure fixtures.

* Hemmed edges with rope sewn into the top and bottom hems. Rope extends from banner making ties, length can be specified. For vinyl banners tied between secure fixtures, this has strong construction, it spreads wind forces over the length of the banner.

* Hemmed sides with webbing sewn into top and bottom, webbing extends as needed for ties. This is an even stronger construction for vinyl banners that may be subjected to higher wind loads.

* Hemmed sides, webbing top and bottom with grommets spaced as needed (depends on banner size). Adding grommets offers more tie down points, this is especially helpful to support larger vinyl banners to eliminate sagging, if the supporting structure will allow for it.

* To support banners on hardware, sleeves can be sewn into the top and bottom, The sleeve can be sized to fit the hardware, The circumference (dia. X 3.14) of the supporting pole, divided by 2 plus an inch will calculate a good sleeve size.

As a banner maker have you seen people in Charleston use any other, less common finishing techniques?

There are a few less common techniques that we have used to finish a custom vinyl banner. The following are all examples of a more specialized finishing for a custom vinyl banner

* Grommets can be added to the top and bottom in an extra extension above and below the sleeves for more versatility in display options.

* Street, or light pole banners are usually finished with sleeves top and bottom with a grommet just below the top sleeve and just above the bottom sleeve.

* For a very strong construction which will be attached using ties you supply, sewn in webbing with “D” rings offers a very reliable solution. For large vinyl banners, to add tie points, grommets can be added to the top and bottom, or even sides.

Making the final decisions about your custom vinyl banner

Now that you know the different finishing techniques you can make an informed decision about your own banner. Keep in mind that all finishing techniques should be considered and then if you are not sure you can always speak to one of our sign specialists. They will give you advice based on the size of you vinyl banner and the intended purpose. We look forward to hearing from you!

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