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5 Baby Boomer Retirement Tips

By Dan Skriver

Whether retirement is right around the corner, or several years down the road, it’s never too early, or too late, to start planning for your future. Some people feel intimidated by matters of finance, while others simply don’t feel comfortable with their knowledge regarding retirement planning. Make it a priority to learn as much as you can about your finances by reviewing the following essential 5 top baby boomers retirement tips.

It’s no secret that retirement can be expensive, especially with the rising costs of just about everything, which is why most experts recommend planning on needing anywhere from 70 to 90% of your current earnings after you retire to maintain the standard of living you’re accustomed to.

Here are the 5 top baby boomers retirement tips for those who are serious about planning for their future:

Start With a Definitive Plan

Start by noting your current standard of living and then examine whether or not you’re willing to make sacrifices, or if you plan to live just as you always have. Most people expect to enjoy the same lifestyle along with travel or vacation plans after retiring, but really have no true idea of how much money they’re going to need to actually do so.

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A retirement calculator is useful for figuring out exactly what you will need each month to meet your goals. Either online or through your own calculations, use your current age, the age you plan on retiring, your current savings, and how much you need to live comfortably per year after retiring to get the final amount.

For solutions to your specific circumstances, seek out the advice of a professional, such as a financial advisor, your bank or union, as well as your employer’s human resources department. Ultimately, trust your own instincts and educate yourself before making any decisions.

Review Your Social Security Benefits

On average, the Social Security Administration (SSA) pays roughly 40% of one’s pre-retirement earnings after retiring. Earnings statements are usually mailed three to four months before your birthday that outline what you have paid in taxes, along with a summary of your estimated benefits depending on the age you retire. If you haven’t yet received any statements, contact the SSA to request one by visiting their web site at

Learn About Your Employee Benefits

Any employee who is covered under their employer’s retirement plan is entitled to a clear explanation of their benefits and receive what is known as a summary plan description. Also remember to inquire about your spouse’s retirement benefits through their employer, or open a spousal IRA (Individual Retirement Account) for those who do not work outside of the home.

Contribute to a 401k

One of the most often overlooked of the 5 top baby boomers retirement tips are investing in a 401k, which is a tax-sheltered savings plan that your employer also contributes to. It is estimated that an entire quarter of all people who were offered the chance to participate in a 401k plan chose not to. If your employer doesn’t currently have any type of retirement plan in place, suggest that it start one as soon as possible.

Follow Through

Although a growing nest egg may be tempting during those times when you might need a little extra cash, it’s imperative to stick to your plan to avoid any withdrawal penalties, as well as falling short of your ultimate goal when you do retire.

By simply following these 5 top baby boomers retirement tips, it really is possible to retire the way you envisioned and truly enjoy your future without worrying about finances.

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Debt Reduction Strategies To Get Your Finances Under Control

By David Faulkner

Credit cards have become an everyday item for most Americans. Many people will actually not be able to get through a single day without using their credit cards at least once.

What’s really unfortunate is that while they keep charging items to their card, many individuals do not realize that they can’t actually afford the items they are purchasing.

This kind of irresponsible spending is the most common cost of accumulated debt for many people in the United States today. It might be convenient to buy expensive items using a credit card, but keep in mind that with the sky-high interest rates, you will probably still be paying for it several months or even years from now.

If you want to avoid being in this situation, you should have a few debt reduction strategies in place. There are actually quite a number of different debt reduction strategies that you can choose from, but before you select any of the options, you have to analyze each of them carefully because they all have their own advantages and drawbacks.

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Millions of people have probably used the simplest debt reduction strategy which is borrowing a few bucks from friends or family members. This approach may work just fine if you just have a small amount of debt and if you are surrounded by generous people. However, if you borrow from your friends constantly, they will eventually become tired of you and may even try to avoid you altogether.

If you owe several companies, you might need to apply for a consolidation loan as a debt reduction strategy. In this case, you will be required to put up some property – such as your house – as collateral, in case you fail to make the payments in time. In this debt reduction strategy, you will be combining all your debts into a single account, usually with a much lower interest rate.

You may also consider the debt reduction strategy of hiring a financial consultant. An efficient consultant will be able to help you lower your credit card interest rates and can even teach you more debt reduction strategies which you can apply to your everyday life. Before hiring a financial consultant, be sure to inquire about their fees first. There are many non-profit debt assistance agencies you can go to where you can have an initial consultation for free.

If you have tried these debt reduction strategies and they have not helped alleviate your problems, perhaps you should consider filing for bankruptcy as a last resort. This is a debt reduction strategy that must not be taken lightly, so you have to be absolutely sure that you have exhausted all your other options before thinking about this.

In order to determine which of these debt reduction strategies will be able to help you get your finances under control, it would be wise to ask around for assistance. In some cases, a combination of different debt reduction strategies would be the most effective solution.

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A Few Facts About The Apartments In London

London is the most prime destination of UK and takes pride in being one of the greatest cities of the world. Being a financial center London has been the prime center where a large number of people come and stay from all over the world. London has been home to regional populations who have permanent residence over here and are quite wealthy. On the other hand there is a high demand for rental property especially from the businessmen and employees of multinational companies. Apart from this, London has some of the finest universities of the world drawing a large number of affluent families from all over the world who buy or rent property and homes for the purpose of higher education of their children. Therefore, the apartments in London have always been in great demand. Moreover, more and more people in UK are buying real estates and apartments in London as an investment.

A few facts about the apartments in London:

  • Compared to existing demand the numbers of apartments are falling short in London. Due to shortage of land in the city the number of such residences in London is getting higher than the number of houses. With a large number of overseas investors buying the apartments in London these homes are in high demand. And this ever increasing demand for them in London is sure to lead to a strong growth of property in the coming years.

  • According to estimation the average property value in the UK is likely to increase by 27% by 2015, with London having the greatest gains of 35%. And this surge results from shortage of new houses and apartments.

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  • In comparison with previous prices the London apartments are already receiving excess price offers and this is much higher than even the pick market of 2007. The houses and apartments in London in excellent locations with all the mandatory criteria have received a rise of at least 10% to 12% than before.

  • The rapid growth in property prices is encouraging more and more existing homeowners of London to put their homes for sale. On the other hand, this comes as a concern to those investors and buyers, who for the first time may find it crucial to take the first plunge into real estate venture.

  • However, it is a matter of hope for the buyers that various housing schemes in London are selling growing number of apartments at affordable rates. More than 10,000 such new apartments and houses will be sold at reasonable prices through various housing initiatives and financial support will also be provided by the Homes and Communities Agency.

  • Since the waiting list for houses is really long what it needs most is construction of more apartments including affordable units by enabling the house builders. Apart from building more number of homes, it is also necessary to hand over decision-making power to the local authorities.

This is the time when outdated planning laws need to be altered to get the job done without constraint. Whereas, lots and lots of apartments need to be built to meet the demand for accommodation, low interest rates and affordable prices are also vital to make an apartment in London available for common people.

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Rowan Saunders is a real estate advisor who has been in this field for fifteen years by now. He has a thorough knowledge of real estate market trend in UK and the latest developments in this field. He has written a number of articles and blogs on real estate market. His study helps us to understand the current real estate market scenario in UK. Author: David Hopes