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Why Shouldnt People Invest Their Super Into Property?}

Submitted by: JamieMcIntyre

Original article by Jamie McIntyre published in 21st Century News.

If you listen to some of the bureaucrats working for Government regulatory bodies and some journalists with low financial IQ, then one would think it is bad for Australians to invest their super into real estate.

This theory is ludicrous.

Why shouldnt people diversify and balance their super or investments in general into real estate?

Why should they be forced to invest only into managed funds for the large banks benefit that own 90 per cent of the financial planning industry in Australia and use their highly paid lobbyists to lobby the less than financially intelligent ASIC employees to limit Super Funds from becoming self-managed and invested into property since large rivers of gold in Superannuation and managed fund fees are lost from the financial planning industry.

These games are ludicrous and ASIC should be forced to be honest and transparent about whose agenda it is peddling.

Unfortunately honesty, transparency and ASIC dont belong in the same sentence.

The ASIC is incompetent and agenda driven working for certain financially vested industries.

Firstly, the Government and agencies such as the ASIC should not interfere in these matters since they have a very poor record when it comes to honesty and transparency, let alone protecting the average investor.

It is a free country and people should be able to go about saving and investing for their retirement as they feel fit without a bunch of bureaucrats telling them what they can and cant do, especially since these bureaucrats have no idea about investing themselves and live off government welfare.

They are trying to scare people by telling them to not invest their Super into property or set up a Self-Managed Super Fund unless you are a squillioniare, but rather keep it in managed funds, where they are ten times more likely to lose money compared to real estate.

The talk of a property bubble pushed as an excuse is not only premature, but also foolish and ludicrous.

Australians should be free to invest their super wherever they want and they should be allowed to get financially educated, access investments in property via super, instead of being forced or lectured by the ASIC to see a financial planner as those highly paid lobbyists would like, in order to boost their own bottom lines.

Here is to financial education and the Government keeping its nose out of peoples lives as much as possible.

A government bureaucrat or some lowly paid journalists with struggling Financial IQ are not the people Id be listening to for financial advice.

In fact I wouldnt listen to anyone for financial advice, as those who sell advice usually have an agenda.

If one gets a financial education, they would no longer need to seek financial advice and be at the mercy of financial planners or government agencies that use agenda driven tactics to push dishonest and non-transparent agendas upon those who are less financially literate.

The notion that regulation and licensing everyone has been effective, is a joke.

Licensing the likes of Storm Financial and countless others made zero difference in saving billions lost from investing.

Instead, if these investors had been encouraged to set up a self managed super fund and invest into real estate, not a dime would have been lost and they would have made a significant profit by now.

This isnt a debate about property versus shares, as I am impartial.

However, the issue is about those who make a fortune by ensuring that the average Australian is steered down a certain path to keep the rivers of gold in large commissions flowing for certain sectors by working with less than honest individuals in the ASIC- the very body that is meant to protect investors but clearly has other agendas.

Its the large rivers of gold in fees from managed funds that drove the greed of the likes of Storm Financial, not the so called Property Spruikers.

It is common sense that financial education is the key to a better future for Australians.

I challenge the Government to show some leadership in this area and invest as much as I am into making financial education available to the average Australian and students at school and less into allowing Government Departments to act in tandem with suspicious journalists to serve the agenda of lobbyists pushing their own barrows and using Government bodies for assistance.

About the Author: Jamie McIntyre is the Founder of 21st Century Australia Party and the CEO of the 21st Century Education Group of Companies. He is also a major shareholder in 21st Century Media, a Publicly Unlisted Company that owns assets including 21st Century News.


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