Tips For Generating Quality Real Estate Leads For Your Investment Business

By Simon Volkov

Generating solid real estate leads is essential for every investment business. Multiple options exist for building customer lists, but it is just as important to develop a relationship with those who subscribe to your mailing list.

Real estate leads are the people who will buy investment properties or offer referrals to profitable properties. Nurturing those people can lead to loyal clients who think of you whenever they want to buy, sell, or trade a property.

One target market that can boost profits is real estate investors. Those involved in the business often overlook this group for fear of competition. However, in today’s market nearly half the people buying properties are investors. It only makes good business sense to reach out to like-minded professionals.

Another target market is realty professionals. This group consists of multiple helpful people including realtors, mortgage brokers, property appraisers, and attorneys.

Connecting with realtors is a great way to buy and sell investment properties. Today, many realtors specialize in distressed properties including foreclosures, bank owned, and short sale real estate. Agents can help investors locate cheap homes for sale; find buyers for investment properties; provide leads for rental homes; and help investors network with other professionals.

Investors should consider networking with real estate attorneys and probate lawyers. Both can help investors find great realty deals because they are privy to properties that have entered into foreclosure; suspended in the probate process; or those needing to be sold due to divorce.

Probate real estate can be a profitable niche because properties are often sold below market value. Probate is the process used to settle decedent estates. The average duration of estate settlement is 4 to 6 months.

The estate is responsible for remitting mortgage loan installments, property taxes and insurance, homeowner’s association dues, and required maintenance until the estate is settled. Oftentimes, estates do not have sufficient funds and are forced to sell the property.

Investors can scour public probate records to locate potential properties for sale, but networking with attorneys and court employees can expedite the process. The process for buying probated realty varies by state, so investors interested in this niche should spend time learning the proper techniques.

Social media offers an easy and affordable way to generate real estate leads. Countless online realty networking groups exist. Nearly every metropolitan city has a real estate club where professional gather to network on a regular basis. Participating in clubs is ideal for making person-to-person connections and staying abreast of market trends.

Lastly, investors can gather leads by developing a website or blog. These platforms are the perfect venue for building client lists. Investors can provide informative reports that require visitors to provide their email address to receive them.

Websites are a good venue for sharing company information and listing properties for sale. Blogs offer a more personal venue which can be invaluable for building customer relations. Both can be used to share marketing videos, podcasts, and company newsletters.

Investors who offer electronic newsletters should strive to publish on a regular basis. Doing so allows them to keep their name in front of subscribers. Newsletters are a great way to share information and present properties for sale. Focus on providing timely information that subscribers are eager to share with others.

Embracing multiple networking strategies grants investors the opportunity to develop solid real estate leads and avoid having to make cold calls. This also provides opportunity to continuously expand their customer base.

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