The Road To Becoming A Model Or An Actor

By Ryan Pauline

You see them on your TV screens, in magazines, and they seem to be everywhere! And you want to be just like them! Do not give up your dreams for the limelight just because you do not know where to start. With a few helpful tips, you could be strutting your stuff down some catwalk in Milan, or you could be the next teen heart throb in the next big budget movie.

You can start by applying for jobs in production houses or TV stations. If they are not hiring, insist you will work for free. Keep in mind that the means justifies the end; so working for free could just lead you to your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. When you work at these places, you have more exposure; especially, on set of TV shows. You could approach the director to ask if you could read some lines for him. Ensure that you have practiced these lines thoroughly because Hollywood bigwigs DO NOT like having their time wasted.

The first step in becoming a model would be to sign yourself up with a modeling agency. There are loads of unscrupulous agencies out there so you would have to be very vigilant when selecting one. The first rule of thumb is that you do not have to pay to sign up with an agency. The agency is supposed to secure modeling contracts for you. This way, you are paid for jobs and they get their commission. At no point should you be forking out money to them.

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Whether you want to be an actor or a model, you should consider employing the assistance of a coach. These acting coaches or runway coaches may be expansive, but they will ultimately develop your skill so that you start earning money in your career of choice. Runway coaches will teach would be models on how to catwalk amongst other things. These could include training on etiquette and just how to generally carry themselves in public. Acting coaches will greatly diversify your acting range. They will help you tune into your emotion so that you can better evoke them at will. All these skills are vital on either career path.

If you want to start earning money immediately from acting, you could always consider applying for roles of extras in productions. Extras may not earn a lot of money, but the applications are rarely turned down; plus, being on set as an extra will expose you to how things work on set. This will come in handy when you finally start getting roles as a full-fledged actor. As a would be model, you could consider applying for menial work during fashion shows or fashion weeks. This is because these tend to be high-pressure situations and you get exposure to all aspects of the modeling industry all compressed in a few days. It gives you a pretty good picture of what you are about to get into. Thus, you know what to expect as a model.

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