Taking Care Of Your Rv

Taking Care of your RV



With rising costs of airfares and hotels, many nature lovers are resorting to vacationing and camping with the use of a RV. You may own one or rent out a motor home for your holiday trip. All the same it needs the same care and service that you give to your motor vehicle. Some simple tips would do well to last your holiday home vehicle for a long time to come.

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— Adverse weather conditions and the sun can cause damage to your RV and its interiors. Make sure that it stays in shelter most of the time. — A simple thing like keeping your RV’s windows securely closed will keep its interiors away from fading and also free from dust and pollution. — Keep your RV serviced at regular intervals. This allows it to stay roadworthy at all times. And a regular check up of the gas, water, electrical and heating system of the caravan will keep you in comfort during your travel. Service should also cover the upkeep of its lights, brakes and gears. — After your vacation trip, a thorough cleaning and caring of your RV will prevent moisture, malodor and insects from inhibiting its interiors. So it’s best to get rid of the spills and leftovers of water, food and other wastes. Keep it spic and span until your next trip in it. Sterilizing the water pipes, cleaning the waste pipes will ensure you a clean interior in your motor home during your next trip. — Checking and servicing the RV’s handbrakes, tire pressures, torque on the wheel nuts will keep it in tip top condition. The RV’s battery also needs some caring and left fully charged. The fridge, cooker and heater should be in condition to run on both electricity and gas at any given moment. — When your RV is not in use remember to turn off the gas supply, water supply. The plugholes and shower heads should be clean and clear without any obstructions. The toilet cistern should be drained off from water accumulation. A compressed air treatment will ensure that the pipe system of the RV is thoroughly free from water content. Even the water heaters should be drained and kept free from water. — Your RV needs different caring in different seasons. In winter when it is not in use, give it a thorough cleaning and polishing in its insides. Keep the fridge door open and ensure that no water is allowed to stay and freeze in the water tanks. Good cleaning materials will help to clean the toilet cassettes and leave it dry. — The outside of your RV is also important and needs some attention. A good wash and polish will ensure proper maintenance of it. — If you wish, you may stand your RV on axle stands and remove its battery and store it in a warm and dry place until your next camping trip. — For security purposes, you may chain your RV around its chassis and fix it to a concrete anchor point. With such care and attention from you, your RV will be safe, sound and clean, waiting to carry you and your loved ones on your next luxury holiday camping. RV Cover

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Taking Care of your RV