Barça thrashes Real Madrid 4-0 in first El Clásico 2015/2016

Monday, November 23, 2015

On Saturday, Catalonia based football club FC Barcelona defeated their arch rivals Real Madrid 4–0 at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid in a Spanish La Liga match.

Barça had greater ball possession. The match saw five yellow cards and one red card. Three Madrid players were yellow carded with a total of 23 fouls committed in the match.

Uruguayan striker Luis Suárez scored the first goal of the match in the 11th minute by an assist from Sergi Roberto. The first booking came in the 23rd minute. James Rodríguez went down in the booking list. The first substitution of the match came in the 27th minute when Argentine Mascherano got injured and Frenchman Jérémy Mathieu was substituted in for him.

Right back Dani Alves was booked in the 31st minute for his foul on Cristiano Ronaldo. During that foul, Alves got injured and the match was interrupted for a while. In the 39th minute, Neymar assisted by Andrés Iniesta doubled the lead for the Catalonians. The first half ended 2–0 with Barcelona leading in the El Clásico. Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos was shown the yellow card in the 51th minute. Two minutes later, Neymar assisted Iniesta who scored in the top right corner making the score 3–0 for the visitors.

Isco was substituted in for James Rodríguez for Los Blancos in the 55th minute. Two minutes later, Lionel Messi was sustituted in for Croatian Ivan Rakiti? after two months of knee injury. Daniel Carvajal replaced Brazilian Marcelo in the 59th minute. This was Messi’s first appearence since September 26.

Jordi Alba assisted Suárez in the 74th minute and he scored in the left corner. Iniesta was substituted off at the 77th minute for Munir El Haddadi and got a standing ovation from the Bernabéu croud.

Further in the match, Carvajal was yellow carded in the 83rd minute and Isco was red carded in the next minute. Two extra minutes were added in which Sergio Busquets was booked for a foul.

Barcelona had 87% passing accuracy as compared to 83% of Los Blancos. Andrés Iniesta was awarded as man of the match. Neymar remains the top scorer of 2015–16 La Liga with twelve goals.

Barcelona got 6 points clear of Real Madrid and is at the top of the La Liga table.

November 21
Real Madrid 0 – 4 F.C. Barcelona Santiago Bernabéu, MadridAttendance: 80,500Referee: David Fernández Borbalán, Spain
 84′ Isco 23′ James Rodríguez 51′ Sergio Ramos 83′ Daniel Carvajal (0–2) HT 11′ Luis Suárez 39′ Neymar 53′ Andrés Iniesta 74′ Luis Suárez 31′ Dani Alves 90+2′ Sergio Busquets

Team Collaboration Challenges And How To Overcome Them

By Grace Kang

Are these problems standing in the way of your company’s team collaboration?

Remote Workforce-

Each year, a growing number of workers telecommute from home. The majority is comprised of outsourced employees or outside consultants, while the rest are telecommuters. Studies show that telecommuting is gaining widespread acceptance as more and more companies strive to reduce long commutes, simplify work schedules and downsize office overhead costs. While this endeavor is both eco friendly and cost friendly, it can hinder team collaboration simply because workers aren’t sitting in side to side cubicles and therefore have less inclination to communicate.

The solution:

Compensate for the physical separation between members with tools that will keep your employees talking, collaborating and consulting with one another as often as possible. Online web meeting solutions, online file sharing tools, shared online calendars and office intranets are only a few online solutions for remote workers to stay on the same page.

Lack of Communication In the Office –

Lack of communication between departments, even those sitting right next to each other, is one of the biggest problems in the workplace. Sales, marketing, engineering, support and executive teams aren’t always collaborating the way they should be. Each department is closely interrelated, can share valuable company intelligence and insight – but not if they’re not communicating.

YouTube Preview Image

The solution:

Set up a company Intranet. Intranets are a growing staple of the corporate environment, because companies are realizing that realistically, department members do not walk over to other departments regularly and start sharing information. Intranets are like a private company Internet, where team members can contribute ideas, store company policies and contact info. It keeps all the company members united, informed and on the same page.

Overhead costs of meeting in person –

To hold in person meetings, workers need to spend time and money travelling. In meetings, there are also handouts and agendas distributed, which make up a large chunk of the thousands of dollars companies spend each year on paper costs. Studies show that almost 50% of all the paper printed in the office is thrown out on the very same day it was printed. Those are your dollars going straight into the trash.

The Solution:

Get an online content management system that allows your team members to store their files online. These notes and documents can be pulled up at anytime, before, after and during the meeting, without wasting paper and money. By having your meeting, and meeting files, online, remote teams can participate in meetings without having to drive or fly anywhere.

Email Overload –

Too many offices are still stuck relying on email as their primary mode of communication. Working via Email on important projects results in lost memos, miscommunication and misunderstanding. Important ideas that could be making you money are instead getting lost in your inbox.

The Solution:

Get an online collaboration platform that centralizes all of your communication and documents in one place so that you can create a logical, organized system of information. Store your project files by department, or by project, and create a space designated specifically for a single purpose. Rather than thinking in long email threads, collaboration platforms allow a multi dimensional system of management.

About the Author: Grace Kang is a SEO and marketing copywriter for Central Desktop, a

Team Collaboration


Intranet Software

solution for business teams.


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Israeli group announces anti-semitic cartoons contest

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In response to the Iranian newspaper Hamshari’s announcement of an anti-semitic cartoon contest inspired by the Jyllands Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy, an Israeli group announced its own anti-semitic cartoon contest yesterday, open to Jewish cartoonists only.

From their February 13 release:

Amitai Sandy (29), graphic artist and publisher of Dimona Comix Publishing, from Tel-Aviv, Israel, has followed the unfolding of the “Muhammad cartoon-gate” events in amazement, until finally he came up with the right answer to all this insanity – and so he announced today the launch of a new anti-Semitic cartoons contest – this time drawn by Jews themselves!
Mr. Sandy said, “We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!” :said Sandy “No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”

Already organizers have received mixed responses to their contest and have published a number of them, including the following:

“This is a fantastic idea: A people or religion that can laugh at itself is a confident, strong and self secure. It can show the Islamic world that humor and self deprecation is a healthy psychological exercise. The one who can face his demons can overcome his weaknesses”
Ash, NJ
“I know that unemployment is low in Israel, but does not justify your new venture. This will be my last time visiting your site, and assure you, that this business will not succeed.
the next time you start a new venture, please try to focus on what good will your product deliver to anyone. in your case it only makes me sad to see Israelis like you turn against an entire nation to make an extra buck. You are a LOOSER!”

Not hesitating to set an example, the group has adopted three logos showing three anti-semitic figures. They set a deadline of March 5, 2006 but due to an unexpectedly large response are considering extending it.

Amitai Sandy was interviewed on 16 February 2006 by the National Public Radio program Fresh Air.


eBay to acquire Skype

Monday, September 12, 2005

Online US-based auction company eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, agreed to buy Voice-over-IP (VoIP) firm Skype, the company providing the most popular internet telephony service, for $2.6 billion USD in cash, stock, and rewards, and may pay a further $1.5 billion if the company’s financial targets are met in 2007 and 2008.

Skype technology is to be introduced on eBay’s website, allowing sellers to receive calls or leads from the sites users, for a fee.

It is the biggest acquisition in eBay’s history. The company hopes to diversify its profit sources and gain popularity in areas where Skype holds a strong position, such as China, Eastern Europe, and Brazil.

EBay expects to cut 2006 earnings per share by $0.12 due to the acquisition.


Bihar class X student allegedly gang raped, thrown from moving train

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A sixteen-year-old girl from Lakhisarai district, Bihar, India, reported to the police on Sunday that she had been raped multiple times and thrown out of a moving train.

She was found unconscious near the tracks not far from Kiul Junction by some locals who took her to a nearby hospital. She was later taken to the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH). A PMCH doctor commented anonymously, “She has received at least two dozen stitches in her private parts, both her feet are irrevocably damaged, her thigh bone is fractured and she has serious injuries on her waist. Her condition is very critical”.

The girl, a tenth grade student, said she was abducted in a field and raped on, by reports, Friday or Saturday, by two men; according to Indian newspaper DNA, Santosh Yadav and Mrityunjay Yadav. She was later raped by several others — by varying reports, three to six — and taken on a train from Chanan railway station. Two of the alleged assailants lived in the same locality, according to senior police officer SK Singhal.

She was raped again, she said, on the train and received several wounds as the rapists mutilated her before throwing her out of the train. “I could hear them speaking that they should kill me and they threw me out of the train. When I gained consciousness, I was in a hospital”, she said.

As of Monday, police said one juvenile allegedly involved had been arrested.


Wetrooms: The Facts

By Sophie Palmer

What is a wetroom? – A wetroom is a bathroom that has a walk in shower, so the room will need to be completely waterproofed (tanked). There will be a gentle slope towards the drain instead of a traditional shower tray in a separate enclosed unit. Wetrooms were only present in luxurious spa centres and 5 star hotels a few years ago, now there are realistic and affordable solutions to having a wetroom in your own home.

The room has to be completely tanked to protect your building from the wetness and moisture from your shower. There are two types of shower trays available for wetrooms: Pre-formed Showerlay (which creates an effective water slope to the drain) and also a Pre-formed Showerstone (which is laid directly onto floor joists and is made from a polymer modified concrete). To tank (waterproof) the room, tile backer board will be attached to the walls and around the formed shower tray on the floor – reputable products include Marmox boards and Schluter Systems Kerdi boards and Ditra matting.

If your wetroom is going to be a DIY project – make sure that you research these products and speak with experienced sales staff for advice.

Wetrooms are a growing trend and are a key contemporary feature when selling a house. Wetrooms open up the room, thus creating more space. If combined with underfloor heating, the tanking system (required for waterproofing the wetroom) will reflect heat and maximise the efficiency of heating, therefore reducing heating costs.

YouTube Preview Image

Benefits of having a wetroom in your own home include their contemporary style, increasing the value of your home, a practical use of open space and creating more space in the room. By removing traditional baths and shower enclosures, barriers and boundaries are taken out to give much more floor space and open plan living. This will also make the wetroom easier to clean than a traditional bathroom, as there is no shower screen and less surfaces for example. Ease of access is a major benefit, not just for the elderly – you do not have to climb in or out of a bath with a wetroom, which is great for families, good for aching joints and you can stretch out feeling more free. Due to the tanking system in your wetroom, your floors and walls may well be more protected compared to a traditional bathroom set up. Many tile stores will have a practical demonstration of a wetroom to help explain how they work and how they are a possible option for most people.

On the flip side of the coin, wetrooms can have their disadvantages too. In small bathrooms, even though more space is created through installing a wetroom, the open plan element of the shower may cause splashes and spray water on your towels and toilet paper. Here you have to look at the design and practical functionality of the space. Form must always follow function, meaning that your wetroom will be useless if you cannot use it even though it looks amazing. It is possible to research and fit your own wetroom, but it is vitally important that you are confident that the room has been tanked properly, which is where a professional should be brought in for peace of mind that leaking water will not cause damage to your house. You will need to tile your entire wetroom, from floor to ceiling.

If a porous tile is used you will have to seal the tiles every couple of months to maintain and protect them correctly. Ceramic and porcelain tiles reduce this work, but should still be considered. It is always best to protect the grout as well to increase the aesthetic and functional qualities of the grouting.

Now the fun part – choosing your tiles! Due to the sloped floor for the shower drainage, you will need either small or mosaic tiles. It is possible to tile the whole of your bathroom with mosaic tiles but this may blow your budget out of the window if you have a large bathroom! It is possible to use mosaic tiles on the floor even if made of glass – the high number of grouted joints help to make a non-slip surface.

Here are some ideas to get you started: Mosaic tiles. There are so many varieties of mosaic tiles it is impossible to mention them all! An impressive series of mosaic tiles is Classy Glass. See pictures of our blue Fiji range, for a combination of pearlescent and complimentary blues to create a calming and relaxing feel to the wetroom with an element of fun. Or you could opt for the rich and sensual Zanzibar for a contemporary and inspirational feel, as pictured also.

Incorporate mosaic tiles into the tile design both on the wall and floor, these features really add character and personality to your wetroom. Wetrooms can be neutral colours, natural stone effect, a dramatic metallic feel, contemporary in style and strong in subtlety. It is of course a personal preference as to what wetroom you choose, let your imagination run wild!

About the Author: Sophie Palmer is the Marketing Executive at


a company that both live and love tiles and don’t want to just ‘sell’ you tiles;


want to work with you to use tiles to create something beautiful and help you design your dream. We’ll not rest until we have enabled you to turn your ideas into reality.


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Germans and Arabs establish a search engine that competes with Google

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

In the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Seekport, a German and Saudi founded technological company, began to start on a web-search engine dedicated to the Arabic language called Sawafi. According to Arabic marketing officials, it is predicted to compete with the popular web-search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. Sawafi’s goal is to be as successful as the Chinese web-search engine, Budai, which in China, which has made a great improvement to its marketing businesses. Although internet access is low in the Middle East, Sawafi wishes to reach the other Arab communities in North America or Europe.


New search engine to search inside Wikipedia

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A new search engine that was announced yesterday finds articles and links within the English Wikipedia. Wikiseek, run by a California based startup company called “searchme”, is a website which aims to be “A better way to search Wikipedia.”

Although most keywords work without problems, Digg users have found search terms that the site does not recognize. If you enter “Chicago” for example, it shows no Wikipedia articles at all, and clicking “Chicago, Illinois” leads to an article on West Chicago, Illinois and other related articles to the subject. Similarly, entering “Christmas“, “United States” or “PlayStation 3” only provides links to related articles on Wikipedia, although they are in the top 10 of most viewed articles in the English Wikipedia. Searching “porn” comes up with commercial websites linked from Wikipedia, but not the relevant articles in the free encyclopedia. For most articles however, the relevant Wikipedia article is the first result or among the results.

The site says that “The contents of Wikiseek are restricted to Wikipedia pages and only those sites which are referenced within Wikipedia, making it an authoritative source of information less subject to spam and SEO schemes.” The site also offers a Toolbar plugin and a Firefox extension to add a Wikiseek search button inside of Wikipedia pages.

Danny Sullivan at the Search Engine Land blog found Wikiseek’s results inferior compared to the results from established search engines. SearchMe CEO Randy Adams stressed that Wikiseek is still in a beta phase. He pointed out that they welcome feedback more than the average search engine, which can be posted on their company wiki.

Searchme put a button on their main page, encouraging beta testers to instantly promote the site on Digg. In August 2006, Digg had half a million registered users.

Some media outlets have reported that Wikiseek was created by either the Wikimedia Foundation which runs Wikipedia, or private corporation Wikia, which hosts a collection of wiki communities. Both rumors are untrue, says Angela Beesley, co-founder of Wikia and chair of the Advisory Board of the Wikimedia Foundation. “Wikiseek is an independent project with no affiliation with either Wikia or the Wikimedia Foundation.”

The Wikiseek site says they contribute the majority of its revenue from advertisement to the Wikimedia Foundation’s fundraising effort.


Air Moldova completes airpark with a Brazilian Embraer aircraft

Monday, February 11, 2008

Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer on Friday announced it has signed a firm order with Air Moldova for one Embraer 190 jet, to be delivered in March 2010. The contract includes an option on another plane of the same model, Embraer said in a statement. The value of the deal was not disclosed.

At present, renowned companies such as Air France, Lufthansa group and Spanish Iberia Airlines own Embraer 190 jets, specified the representative of Air Moldova. The same source specified that Embraer 190 jet is one of the most economic and optimal aircrafts for operation, and it will be configured in a single-class cabin with 114 seats.

Air Moldova, which links the Moldovan capital, Chi?in?u, to cities in Europe and the Middle East, intends to use the new plane to open new markets.

The Embraer 190 is one of the four members of the E-Jets family. On December 31, the Embraer 170/190 E-Jets had logged 764 firm orders and 786 options.

Embraer is the world’s fourth-largest commercial plane maker. It finished 2007 with a firm order backlog of US$18.8 billion.


Four-team trade may be in the works in Major League Baseball

Sunday, January 1, 2006 It looks like baseball stars Manny Ramirez and Miguel Tejada might be traded after all. Several New York Daily News sources claim that Ramirez could go to the New York Mets as part of a four-team deal. However, budget constraints may complicate the trade. According to the Daily News, if this blockbuster deal is successful, the following trades could take place:

Mets would get:

Red Sox would get:

Orioles would get:

Devil Rays would get: