Pa Homeowner’s Insurance Is Needed When You Buy A New Home

By R Daniel Williams

You cannot obtain a bond on a new home as the bank won’t grant you the bond unless you have a Pennsylvania homeowner’s insurance policy which must be taken out for the full time that your bond exists. This type of insurance only covers the house itself and any outbuildings that may be on the property like the garden shed and your garage as well as any other outdoor fixtures.

When you buy a new home and you are taking out a bond one of the requirements from the bank is that you have a pa homeowner’s insurance for the full duration of the bond term. The insurance policy will cover the main building as well as the outbuildings. In addition your pool will also be covered and you must insure against fire, theft, lightening, water damage, earthquakes and so on. Make sure your policy covers everything.

If you house has a thatched roof which is very prone to burning or may even be struck by lightning you need insurance as well as a lightening conductor. You need to cover any damage which may occur to your geysers as well. Just make sure that as well as your home insurance you have full comprehensive cover for everything else as well.


With a homeowner’s insurance policy they can separately include all the other valuables which you need to insure as well as items such as burst water pipes or maybe someone comes onto your property and vandalizes it breaking windows and so on.

Pennsylvania home Insurance companies usually send an agent out to visit the property which is to be insured and the assessor will check the property like the construction as well as the roof or thatch and check all the out buildings and will make notes of any damages as well as the condition of your buildings. A check on the suburb will also be assessed.

In order to find the best policy that suits your requirements you have to shop around which can be tiring but well worth it in the end and every one that you contact ask as many questions as possible like what does the homeowners insurance policy include, are there restrictions and what benefits do you get from the policy, is the house paid for by the insurance on death.

You also need to find out how much you have to pay in if you need to make a claim and for how long will the premiums last for, will it be a year or shorter at the same price and will the premiums go up if yes by how much will the cost go up.

Also make sure you look into what kind of reputation the Pennsylvania homeowner’s insurance company has and when making a claim do they pay out promptly or do they run with a load of excuses. Find the best deal you can as home insurance can be rather costly so research will ultimately save you money even though it could take some time to find a reputable company it is well worth the effort.

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