Oil Testing Lab In Wisconsin

Oil Testing Lab in Wisconsin


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An oil testing lab specializes in the analysis of lubricating fluids, coolants and fuels. This procedure determines not only whether the appropriate oil is being used in most types of industrial equipment, but also if the machinery is experiencing unusual wear and is in need of repair. Companies that depend on conveyor systems, turbines, generators and compactors can establish an accurate timeline for routine maintenance on equipment merely by implementing a simple oil test program.

Industrial Oil Tells A Story

When oil is used as a cooling agent or lubricant, metal fatigue is slowed to some extent. However, there comes a time when parts begin to wear out and are in need of replacement. Tiny particles of metal begin to loosen and become suspended in the liquid. Contaminants from other sources also find their way into the oil, hydraulic fluid or coolant. A careful analysis of the oil reveals what if any degradation is occurring. It will also show exactly where the problem occurs. After repeated testing procedures, parts that are wearing out can be identified.

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Companies that depend on heavy equipment on a daily basis spend an enormous amount of money conducting emergency repairs in order to keep the business afloat. Downtime resulting from equipment failure means a loss of revenue. Periodic testing of oil samples is an inexpensive way to insure that equipment repair is conducted on schedule and that machinery failure is kept to a minimum.

Comprehensive Test Procedure

An oil testing lab will take a small sample of fluid from a piece of equipment and put it through a battery of tests. These include a scan for metal particulates, dirt, grime and soot. A crackle test for water contamination will reveal if there is a leakage problem somewhere in the machinery. The viscosity of the oil is examined as well as the molecular structure of all petroleum-based products. When the test is complete, a detailed report is sent to the client, outlining any potential problem with the machinery.

Companies wishing to institute an oil analysis program will find the services of Trico invaluable. This company has years of experience evaluating the condition of heavy machinery through an extensive oil sampling procedure. An ongoing relationship with the client involves setting up a routine testing schedule to determine the overall health of the machinery. If there is an accelerated problem occurring in a particular piece of equipment, Trico will identify it and report to the client.

Trico will even set up a training program that allows companies to take samples of the oil without shutting down machinery or causing a loss of production. This simple routine allows the oil testing lab to establish a maintenance schedule for the machinery and saves the client money on equipment repairs.

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Oil Testing Lab

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Oil Testing Lab

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