Learning About Tuscan Decor

By Mr.Andrew Caxton

How a visit to the Tuscan region will make you want to come back again and again. Many of the things that you can see and do in the region of Tuscany.

If you have visited the Tuscan region of Italy once, you are sure to come back again. There is so much to do there, that you will need to come back to complete it all, but you will also want to come back just to experience the same pleasures once again. No matter what kind of vacation you like, Tuscany will have something for you to enjoy.

The most popular places to stay in Tuscany are the beautiful old farmhouses or the quaint B&Bs. Even though these accommodations can be full of old world charm, you will also find many activities besides just enjoying the history and the ambiance. There are water sports, historical sites to visit, like the Tower of Pisa and local customs to view and enjoy, such as wine making and olive processing.

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If you prefer, you can stay at a luxurious hotel, but there is so much charm and beauty in the old castles, villas, farmhouses and B&Bs that that is the recommended route. You can view some of the special treats of Tuscany, such as olive oil production right on the farm you are staying at!

One of the most fascinating activities is watching the production of two of the most famous products of Tuscany: wine and olive oil. You can take a tour of a winery and taste the famous Chianti or Tuscan wine, and of course watch the olives being pressed for the delicious oil of the area. Don’t forget to buy a bottle or two for a souvenir.

The wines of Tuscany are superb, and they have to be to go with the wonderful Tuscan style of cooking. Fresh pasta served with meats in various sauces and of course famous Italian bread to go with everything.

The taste is not the only thing that is satisfied here. The eyes have a feast when you drive along the coast to try out some water sports such as swimming or windsurfing, or to have a day of fishing. The Mediterranean is nearby for all of these activities. Of course, many of the places where tourists stay have wonderful pools for the use of their guests.

Another popular activity in the region is to rent a bike and make a tour of the countryside. Here you will have a closeup view of the famous monuments, such as the ancient churches that the region is known for.

You will agree that it is so hard to decide what to do on this trip, that you have already started planning your next one!

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