How To Become More Involved In Your High School}

How to Become More Involved in Your High School


Kris KoonarHigh school is not merely a place for learning math, physics, history, etc. You can learn as well as enjoy yourself in your high school. There are various activities, clubs, cultural and sport events that are part of your high school life. Life at high school is all about enjoying studies as well as extracurricular activities. These activities make you relaxed and energized for your routine studies. They are also a means of exploring various areas of personal interest, which help you stand out in a crowd. Many high school graduates become great versatile all-rounders. There are various activities to get involved in. It is in your high school that many of you come to know about your hidden talents and capabilities. And your teachers are always there to inspire you to realize your potential to the fullest.Student Government In your high school you are exposed to various democratic processes. By demonstrating your leadership skills you can even get an opportunity to participate in student government. Thus you will take part in planning various social and cultural activities like school dances, school trips, and various competitions. Capable students are offered positions like president, vice- president, treasurer, secretary, etc. While some schools have them at grade levels others have the system of only one student government who undertakes all such activities. These are positions of honor and responsibility and they make a good mention on your college application later on. Moreover, they offer you excellent opportunities to improve your leadership, communication and organizational skills, which can go a long way in boosting your confidence and preparing you for your future life.ClubsHigh school also has various student clubs. Such clubs may be related to science, humanities, etc. Students can also start their own unique clubs based on their hobbies, interests and skills. There are some nationwide clubs like Key Club, which allow students to participate in community services. Another option is to be a part of the Best Buddies club, which places students in mentoring roles for the students who are disabled. Such clubs offer you a great opportunity to interact with students from outside your school. This helps build camaraderie among students as well as allows them to enhance their extracurricular skills.SportsThere are a variety of sport activities in high school. Most schools have numerous sports like football, basketball, baseball, and softball and have their own teams etc. Students are allowed to participate in sports of their choice. The healthy blend of curricular and extracurricular activities help you pass out as truly well rounded high school graduates. Music and DramaticsMost schools conduct dramatics and music classes. If you like acting or playing an instrument suits your fancy, join one of these classes. You can get to be part of a music group, band or an orchestra. Some schools even have marching bands, jazz bands, choirs etc. On certain occasions schools organize performances as part of a social event.WorkYou can also avail of part-time jobs arranged by your high school. You can join any of the community groups that undertake part-time or volunteer jobs usually involving tutoring and training. Such activities help students learn to empathize with others and become a mature individual and a responsible citizen. Undertaking such jobs always boost your resume giving you an advantage over others. Such activities are also important for those who wish to pursue higher education in college and university. Colleges prefer to admit students who have background of participating in academic as well as extracurricular activities. Your involvement in various high school activities can help shape your future.

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