Hiring A Truck Accident Attorney In Albuquerque

byAlma Abell

A Truck Accident Attorney in Albuquerque will devise strategies based on the outcome of the accident investigation and report. After an 18-wheeler accident, it is a requirement of the highway patrol to investigate the circumstances of the accident to determine the exact fault. This investigation is performed due to insurance requirements. If you were involved in a truck accident in which you sustained injuries, contact the Killion Law Firm.

Investigating the Accident

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The first objective of a personal injury claim in which an 18-wheeler was involved is to acquire a copy of the accident report. The highway patrol launches an investigation after these accidents to verify the exact cause. Once this cause is established and it does link to the accused, you have an almost guaranteed win. The reason for this is that it will prove that the driver was either impaired or that faulty equipment was involved. If the driver caused the accident, you have a claim against him or her. If equipment was the cause you have a viable claim against the manufacturer.

Local Accident Attorney

The Killion Law Firm provides assistance with personal injury and business law-based cases. This law firm will acquire the findings of your truck accident to establish fault and to fight for compensation. If criminal charges are filed by the highway patrol based on the circumstances of the accident, these attorneys can utilize this additional case to secure a win for you. You should contact the Killion Law Firm to schedule an appointment and begin the litigation process if you Browse their site at Killionlaw.com.


A Truck Accident Attorney in Albuquerque presents you with several avenues in which you may file a claim against the individual who caused your injuries. This includes developing a carefully devised plan to present your claim to the judge. It is necessary in these proceedings to acquire effective evidence. Due to insurance requirements, the highway patrol is required to conduct an investigation into how the accident occurred. The findings of this investigation can provide you with all of the proof you need. To hire an attorney to assist you in the personal injury litigation process, call the Killion Law Firm.