Digiscript Philippines, Inc. Offers Building Information Modeling For Your Architectural Outsourcing

Digiscript Philippines, Inc. Offers Building Information Modeling for Your Architectural Outsourcing


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Building Information Modeling or BIM is one of the four main services offered by Digiscript Philippines, Inc. along with 2D CAD Production Support, 3D Visualization and Point Cloud Conversion. Digiscript Philippines, Inc. uses the cutting edge digital technology of the Autodesk software suite including Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, 3DSMax and AutoCAD, as well as Point Cloud, Cloudworx and Cyclone from Leica Geosystems and the Leica Scanstation for High Definition Surveying.

Building Information Modeling means creating a detailed computer visualization of every detail of the whole building process as it happens. The resulting virtual information model or digital representation covers all the quantities and properties of all the building components, their spatial relationships and geometry and all geographic information. The detailed virtual information model can also be used to enable the easier exchange of information between and among building owners, contractors and the design team. The information is also ensured to be interoperable for all those users. If there are any clashing or conflicting design elements causing errors, these are promptly detected in the virtual information model and can, therefore, be remedied. Because easy communication retrieval leads to easy and smooth communication, productivity is increased. With errors minimized and time saved, construction costs are reduced.

Revit Architecture is the software specifically designed for use in Building Information Modeling. It automates drawing and modeling thereby reducing errors from manual drawing and modeling and saving time. Objects usually modeled are precast concrete, masonry or wood, cast-in-place concrete, slabs and foundations made of steel, columns, beam systems and walls. Other structural objects can also be created by users who are designers.

Revit Architecture enables users to precisely capture design ideas right from the initial stages. With Revit Architecture 2009, users can get immediate feedback on the different aspects of a project such as its design, scope, schedule and budget. Builders are enabled to better support sustainable design through exact breakdowns of sun position, solar effects materials and quantities.

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Since Revit Structure 2009 is part of a BIM software suite and uses the same BIM software concepts, it offers easy data coordination for every drawing sheet, schedule and view. Revit Structure 2009 also features bidirectional associativity. In layman s terms this simply means that any change done on any portion of the building or structure will automatically be reflected in all other portions of the file. Another feature of Revit Structure 2009 is the capability to save all the data in relation to project organization in one file. This simplifies project content management and saves time. Finally, Revit Structure 2009 enables multi-user collaboration which allows many different users to work together in one network, again simplifying coordination and teamwork.

Aside from Building Information Modeling, Digiscript Philippines, Inc. offers 2D CAD Production Support, 3D Visualization and Point Cloud Conversion. In 2D CAD Production Support, DigiScript can encode or convert the client s images, scanned drawings, sketches, red marks and as-builts into CAD or Revit files, as well as generate or develop the client s design specifications and preliminary drawings into full Design Development and Construction Documents as CAD or Revit files. In its ArchiVision 3D visualization, DigiScript can translate its clients design ideas into three dimensional imaging such as photomontages, photorealistic renderings, site animations, site overlays, site integrations, animated walkthroughs and fly-by s of cinematic quality, rotations, animated presentations and high quality audio visual presentations. In Point Cloud Conversion, DigiScript can do High Definition Surveying with the Leica Scanstation of Leica Geosystems.

Digiscript Philippines, Inc. can meet all your architectural and engineering outsourcing needs for CAD, 3D imaging and 3D animation. It offers technical expertise and excellence as well as client-centered work processes, making it your perfect business partner.

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