Criminal Attorneys In Brainerd Versus Public Defenders

byAlma Abell

When you’ve been arrested, you have two choices for legal counsel: a public defender or a lawyer of your own choice. If you can at all afford a lawyer of your own choice, it is always recommended that you do so. There are a few main differences in the ways a public defender will handle a case versus the way a hired lawyer will. Some of these are mentioned below.


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When you work with a public defender, the public defender has many cases they have to work on. Due to this, they generally do not offer personalized help. Instead, they try to work the case as if it’s the same as all of their other cases. If you hire one of the Criminal Attorneys in Brainerd, though, you’ll find that they work with you on a personal level, treat every case different, and try to find out how they can work with you to get a good outcome.


As public defenders have many cases they work on at a time, they don’t have time to work on your case. This can mean they skip over a defense that could have your charges dropped or don’t work as hard to prove your innocence. Criminal Attorneys in Brainerd, on the other hand, only have a few cases at a time, so they can take all the necessary time to make sure every angle of your case is thoroughly investigated.


A public defender may have you plea guilty to get the case over and done with quickly. This may or may not be a good idea for you. Criminal Attorneys in Brainerd will instead take a look at your case to find out if there’s a chance of your charges being dropped, lessened, or of you being found not guilty. They won’t have you plea guilty unless it’s something that could be beneficial to you.

If you’ve been arrested, Criminal Attorneys in Brainerd are waiting to hear from you. They can work hard on your case to make sure you get the results you need, while giving you all the time and personal care you deserve. Call one of the Criminal Attorneys in Brainerd today to find out how they can help with your case.